As a graphic designer, I must always keep learning … and embrace design challenges for print, web or manual craft! I have returned to school! At MassArt, Boston, I am a Jewelry and Metalsmith major. These two jewelry examples was inspired from my summer travels to Greece in 2018.  I was inspired to create the Fanta Aetos (Eagle) Pendant (that my husband is wearing) and I made my FIRST bezel ring...Memories of Malachite! The bezel ring is holding a malachite stone which reminds me of my tour of the Lalalounis Jewelry Factory in Greece. I saw piles of raw malachite ready to be shaped and polished! I loved my Athens, Greece adventure with my fellow Jewelry and Metalsmith students!
When we returned from our travels, our class displayed our portable art in the Student Life Gallery at MassArt in September 2018.
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